Founded in 2016 by longtime friends Charlie Pehrson and Corey Meyer. Both of Steelhead’s founders are engineers and avid outdoor enthusiasts with a love of tinkering and creative problem solving. After searching for a gun safe that was made in America, adaptable and offered a respectable level of fire and theft protection they realized it wasn’t there. Since they couldn’t buy it they decided to build it.


There are plenty of high quality and heavy duty safes on the market, but none that you can move into place without hiring a moving company, or enlisting your buddies on a dangerous DIY adventure. There are plenty of light duty “gun cabinets” with limited security features or no fire insulation, but nobody made a high quality, American Made, fire insulated, modular gun safe.

Steelhead Outdoors was founded with the goal of creating a safe that you could, and would want to, take with you from one home to the next, from one generation to the next. Four years of research and development went into the flagship Nomad Series, to create a durable, lasting and innovative modular gun safe. We intend to take the same industry changing, outside the box thinking to all aspects of safe and secure firearms storage. We have extensive experience in design and manufacturing and can help with any of your small or large scale design projects. Headquartered in Shakopee, MN all products are proudly designed and manufactured in Minnesota, USA.

Steelhead Outdoors drawing with gun safe door


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