Our safes, along with most other safes, are available in several different configurations. The ideal configuration is determined by what you would like to put inside your safe. Most gun safes are stated for a “gun capacity”. These are sometimes overly optimistic, and even include statements that say some guns must be upside down to fit the stated number of guns in the safe. We don’t push any misleading gun capacity recommendations so we only offer our interior configurations in a stated gun capacity that we have tried out and photographed for proof. For example, our Nomad 26 is available in 6, 12, and 15 gun capacities. We have physically put our own guns in the safe in those capacities. Our gun capacities are rated with a combination of scoped rifles and unscoped rifles and shotguns. If you have large optics or extra accessories like bipods, the capacity may be slightly decreased. See below for the 15 gun interior with 15 actual guns inside it, no blue guns or Red Ryders needed. Our interior system is completely modular and interchangeable. The integrated flush fit shelving brackets allow a tool less changeover from any of the standard configurations, and we offer many custom accessories that slide directly into the flush rails.

Steelhead Outdoors Nomad 15 gun safe

Our 15 gun safe holds 15 guns. The only disadvantage of the dual row gun storage option is that access to the back row of guns requires removal of most of the front guns.

We feel honesty is the best policy so there will be no unpleasant surprises with your Steelhead Outdoors Safe.

In all three models of Nomad safes, the multi-row option is called our Maximum Gun Storage option. This option gives up a little extra storage room as far as standard shelves and accessories are concerned, but will maximize the number of long guns for the given space. The Nomad 26 will hold 15 long guns outfitted like this, with the back row holding 7 guns and the front row holding 8 in an offset staggered fashion. The Nomad 32 will hold 19 with staggered rows of 10 and 9, fitting a third row is possible with minimal scopes, but not likely with a heavy dosage of scopes or AR pattern rifles. The Nomad 38 is deeper and wider and with a mix of guns will fit 3 rows. With a gun collection focused on AR pattern rifles or large scopes it is possible the 3rd row may not fit, but it often does. The back row would have 12 slots, the middle 11, and the front 12 in a similarly offset, staggered fashion.

Both safes are also available in a double horseshoe configuration. This configuration sacrifices gun capacity, but it is much easier to get access to any given gun without taking multiple guns out of the safe first. The double horseshoe has 12 slots on a Nomad 26, 16 slots in a Nomad 32 and 20 slots in the Nomad 38.

Steelhead Outdoors Nomad 12 gun safe

Our 12 gun double horseshoe interior option for the Nomad 26. This gives a good compromise between access and capacity, as less guns need to be shuffled around to get one from the back.

This configuration is the standard option on our safes and the most popular option.

We have also found that many people want to invest in a quality gun safe to hold a few guns along with other personal items or documents, so we offer a single horseshoe configuration with several extra shelves. This configuration will have 6 slots on a Nomad 26, 8 slots on the Nomad 32 and 10 slots on a Nomad 38. This is simply a single horseshoe version above.

Steelhead Outdoors Nomad 6 gun safe

The lower gun capacity options provide more options for storage of other items.

Since the shelving bracket system is so versatile we can easily make custom accessories, racks or shelves that can be easily installed in your safe.

Whether you want to store your gun collection, want to keep your hunting rifles safe, or want to keep grandpa’s old side by side and grandma’s jewelry out of harms way, a Nomad 26, Nomad 32 or Nomad 38 can be customized to suit your needs. Best of all, it is finally a logistical possibility to take your safe to your next home. Since they are built to last, you can pass it down just like grandpa did his side by side.