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What is the Fire Rating on Your Safe?

This article morphed into a “how and why” of all things Steelhead Safe Design Since a modular safe is such a unique answer to the question “Which Safe is Right for me?”, we had a hard time writing this article without taking a pretty in-depth dive into our design rationale behind most of the key features of our safes. Is there a standard rating in the industry? When it comes to safes, it is often a balancing act between important characteristics. There is only one universally recognized fire testing procedure for safes, UL 72. There are many UL 72 Continue Reading >>

Does Your State Have a Gun Safe Requirement Law?

As a responsible gun owner, you want to ensure you are following the local, state and federal regulations for possessing, and storing firearms. Steelhead Outdoors recommends storing unloaded firearms securely locked away in a high- quality gun safe. But perhaps you don’t have children at home, or you think unsafe/unlawful usage of your firearms “will never happen to me.” But it can happen. Juveniles could visit your home for an event or family gathering and suddenly stray to where you store your firearms. Or someone visiting your home to help with a task is curious and begins unauthorized Continue Reading >>

What About Those External Gun Safe Hinges?

Often times people ask us “What about those external hinges, aren’t they less secure? Actually, yours bolt on, couldn’t someone simply unbolt the hinges and take the door off? This is a great question! Often times manufacturers will use the number of “active” locking bolts or bars as a selling point. The truth is that there is a much more elegant solution that has been used on many bank safes and vaults for decades. This solution is a dead bar on the inside of the safe. The natural swinging motion of the door on it’s hinge allows for geometry Continue Reading >>


CUSTOM BUILDS We love building custom projects, whether you would like modifications to an existing safe design, or a one-of-a-kind creation, we can help! Common custom options include specialized or redundant lock options, unique color combinations, left hand swing doors, additional security features, custom safe dimensions or specialty interior configurations. We also have a new line of custom vault doors that feature a full 7 gauge (3/16”) construction, in-swing and out-swing configurations, custom frame to fit your space, emergency release and panic room lock. Contact us now to begin your custom safe design process. Fill in the form Continue Reading >>

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How to Configure Your Perfect Gun Safe?

Our safes, along with most other safes, are available in several different configurations. The ideal configuration is determined by what you would like to put inside your safe. Most gun safes are stated for a “gun capacity”. These are sometimes overly optimistic, and even include statements that say some guns must be upside down to fit the stated number of guns in the safe. We don’t push any misleading gun capacity recommendations so we only offer our interior configurations in a stated gun capacity that we have tried out and photographed for proof. For example, our Nomad 26 is Continue Reading >>

Who needs a gun safe?

The Benefits of a Gun Safe (And the Benefits of a Modular Gun Safe) There are many benefits of owning a gun safe and even more benefits of owning a modular gun safe. There are gun safes available to fit any budget – and any home situation. Protect Firearms from Unauthorized Use Unauthorized use of firearms is the biggest reason many look to buy a gun safe. Unauthorized use can be: Theft – Safes help ensure firearms remain untouched in the event of a break in and keep them away from those who may want to use them Continue Reading >>

What the Heck is a “Modular Safe” Anyway?

THE NOMAD SERIES OF SAFES ASSEMBLE ON SIGHT DIY Safe moving saves money, and adds freedom to your life to go where the next adventure takes you. Modular safes are pretty new to the market. New is used as a relative term here, since modular safes have been manufactured and marketed for several years, but traditional single-piece safes have been around since BC. With advancements in manufacturing technology and CNC equipment, more things are possible than ever before. In the instance of modular safes, or “take-apart safes”, the major benefit is that the safe is assembled on Continue Reading >>


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS MORE INFO Stay updated with the latest news from Steelhead Outdoors and get answers to commonly asked questions on products and services by visiting one of the links below. HOW-TO VIDEOS KEY FEATURES COLOR OPTIONS SHIPPING INFORMATION

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NOMAD MODULAR SAFE INTRO Overview of Steelhead Outdoors Modular Gun Safes, including key features and benefits. NOMAD MODULAR SAFE ASSEMBLY In this video we walk through all the steps necessary to put together your modular safe. MORE INFO Stay updated with the latest news from Steelhead Outdoors and get answers to commonly asked questions on products and services by visiting one of the links below. READ STEELHEAD OUTDOORS NEWS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

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