Two people can assemble and move our safes without any special equipment. When it’s time to move, simply take it apart and take it with you. You deserve a safe that is ready for your next adventure, wherever that takes you.

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Customizable and configurable safes from Steelhead Outdoors are built with the utmost care. Built-to-order options can fit your unique lifestyle with a safe for every room.


American-made Fire Insulated

Custom Safes

Steelhead Outdoors Made in the USA

Steelhead Made in USA

Our safes are designed and made from raw sheets of steel in Shakopee, Minnesota. We proudly manufacture the only American-made, fire insulated, modular gun safe on the market.

Our unique system creates a safe you can take wherever you go, for generations to come. The design makes it easy to transport on your own with only two people and no special equipment.

Whether you have a small scale or large-scale design project, we can help you with a custom safe to suit your specific needs. Reach out to create your dream safe today.


“The quality of this safe is far beyond my expectations and initial impressions. Very easy to put together, stout, and looks fantastic. The finish alone is astounding! Overall you have a return customer in the future!”
— Customer from Texas, Nomad 38,
“Everything went together well. Directions were great. Had no issues. Fit down our 180 stairwell. My wife and I easily carried all but the door where I had to call in the help of a friend.”
— Customer from Ohio, Nomad 38,
“Just wanted to let you know I picked up and assembled the safe and have been using it for a few days now. Thank you so much for your help! Everything about my purchase from initial inquiry to receiving and assembling my safe has been a fantastic experience. I’ve been recommending your company to anyone who even mentions “gun safe” to me. Thank you for a great product and great customer service!”
— Customer from Texas, Nomad 26,
“I have an old farm house that is not conducive to bringing in furniture or a gun safe. I’ve helped move gun safes before and dreaded that part of the process in my home. Seeing this safe at the Pheasants Forever State Convention planted the seed for me. I looked around at other brands and wasn’t going to rush into buying any old safe for my collection. 6 months of just looking around and I decided to go with a Steelhead Outdoors safe. Corey was super accommodating with pick up and how my safe was packaged. I purchased the NOMAD 38 and was pretty wowed with how well it went together. Everything fit perfectly, the quality of everything right down to the bolts used to put it together was thought out. I highly suggest the interior package with the motion activated light that turns on when the door opens. Honestly, I can say I got a better safe than anything on the market in this size and class. Plus if I want to move it anywhere in the house including upstairs, I can.”
— Customer from Minnesota, Nomad 38,
“Just a quick note to tell you how happy I am with the Nomad 38 modular safe. I have always hesitated to buy a large safe due to the difficulty in moving it should we choose to move or for any of my kids to take over it’s possession when I’m out of the picture. Your modular design is exactly what I wanted – I knew it as soon as I saw the ad in the Pheasant Forever magazine! We assembled the entire safe in just over an hour – I had an assistant (the son of a business associate) and my wife help and other than a few misunderstandings on the protective materials the whole process went flawlessly. I was able to move all the boxed components by myself with the help of a “Worx” wheelbarrow and a second dolly (the safe door is the toughest to handle – I really am fortunate to have had the help of a young, strong twenty-something as well). ”
— Customer from Michigan, Nomad 38,
“Just wanted to let you know I picked up the safe on Tuesday and finally got to put it together last night. Assembly was incredibly easy. It only took me about an hour and half by myself. The only hiccup was trying to get the door on with the protective rubber still in place. I ended up just taking it off and being extra careful after I read further ahead and found it wasn’t supposed to be a permanent gasket.

The safe looks fantastic, is built solid, the locking systems are awesome… I’m impressed and so happy with the process and final product.”

— Customer from Pennsylvania, Nomad 26,
“Bottom Line – Steelhead Outdoors is a PHENOMENAL company! Corey and the people at Steelhead are simply the best! From the start of my project, Corey helped to bring my vision alive! From the custom work to fit a particular space, to the care and attention to detail he and others spent helping to develop the specific color combination for the safes, the entire process was seamless and professional. Even the shipment was expertly packaged, meticulously labeled, and every detail when it came to assembly was communicated flawlessly. Finally, when I needed some touch up and troubleshooting, Corey was right there answering every question within minutes, even on the weekend! If you are in the market for a modular safe, there is no better place to go. If you are in the market for a safe in general, I highly recommend you consider Corey and the crew at Steelhead Outdoors. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!”
— Customer from Pensylvania, Custom Project,
“When I first started looking for a gun safe, I looked for recommendations from my friends, and one of them suggested a company that is well established in modular safes. Naturally, I decided to do my own research as well and look at the various options available in the market. I started looking at numerous videos from different brands to get a better idea of the build quality and architecture. On top of the 50+ videos I watched, I looked at pictures, read reviews, and contacted the vendors ( since I couldn’t just walk in a showroom). After lots of research, it came down to Steelhead Outdoors, and the established incumbent as my research became very specific. I started comparing features, build materials, build quality, ratings, dimensions, locking mechanisms, and most importantly, engineering and innovation. It was clear as day that Steelhead Outdoor was bringing something unique to this market. Even though they were a relatively young company, the quality and engineering decisions were far greater than their competitors. If you look at the safes side by side, you may not really realize all the differences, but when you start looking at the details of how the safe is designed and engineered, it’s a whole different story; the way the panels are designed to increase the structural integrity of the safe, the way they bolt together creates a solid safe as if it was one piece, the material and craftsmanship are top-notch, the details of where to strengthen the metal, all of these which speak to the experience and engineering knowledge that is behind this company. As I was putting the safe together, I genuinely appreciated all the engineering that went into this design. I sent a video to my friends who had modular safes of different brands, including the most known brand, and they were in awe of the quality.
All in all, I can’t emphasize enough how superior this safe is compared to the “well-known” brands out there. Steelhead has taken the Modular Safe industry to the next level; they’ve made other products look like a simple gun cabinet in comparison. As an engineer myself, I wrote this objectively and for the sole purpose of describing to others my experience and the appreciation of the ingenuity and innovation that Steelhead Outdoors has incorporated in their safes. I’m already planning my next safe purchase with them in the future once I have the space”
— Customer from California, Nomad 26,