We love building custom projects, whether you would like modifications to an existing safe design, or a one-of-a-kind creation, we can help! Common custom options include specialized or redundant lock options, unique color combinations, left hand swing doors, additional security features, custom safe dimensions or specialty interior configurations.

We also have a new line of custom vault doors that feature a full 7 gauge (3/16”) construction, in-swing and out-swing configurations, custom frame to fit your space, emergency release and panic room lock.

Contact us now to begin your custom safe design process. Fill in the form to email us, or call us at 612-326-4244.

Steelhead Outdoors gun safe drawing of parts

We can customize any of our existing models, or design you a safe from scratch, including options like:

  • Fit your space with a custom size.
  • Any combination of the 144 different textured and durable powder coat colors available to us.
  • Add a custom logo or signage.
  • Preference for a certain lock? We can use most of the safe locks on the market.
  • Left hand swing
  • Custom interior options for storing unique items and maximizing space.
  • “Matched sets” of safes for large collections: pair of right and left hand swinging safes with matching locks, combinations and provisions to bolt together to house the largest collections.




We sought out unique and durable powder for the finishing of our safes. Powder coating provides a greater level of durability than paint. These textured finishes are durable and maximize protection, for a safe that will look as good for the next generation as it does for you. Each safe can be ordered with a choice of an interior and exterior color. The handle and logo on the safe will match the interior color, creating a great accent color on the front of the safe that continues into the inside. These colors are a collection of our favorites and are our “standard custom” options. We have 144 other options available, so shoot us a note, let’s have a chat, and we will get some samples headed your way.

Steelhead Outdoors gun safe color Badlands Brown

Badlands Brown

This dark rich brown is created by black and copper vein, offers a depth of color and texture and is our most popular exterior choice, pairs perfectly with our Arctic White interior for a bright option, or Zion Bronze for a rich leathery option

Steelhead Outdoors gun safe color Arctic White

Arctic White

This bright white color features black vein, it is a favorite for safe interiors because its brightness maximizes available light in the safe, it pairs well with any of the exterior color options

Steelhead Outdoors gun safe color Royale Blue

Royale Blue

This color offers a bright and vibrant option, and features blue hammer texturing, perfect when your safe is the centerpiece of your space, pairs well with any of the interior color options

Steelhead Outdoors gun safe color Yosemite Gray

Yosmite Grey

This color offers a twist on a traditional favorite, and features grey hammer texturing, it works well as a more subdued exterior option, and makes a great choice for a traditional interior, when used as an interior color it pairs best with a Royale Blue or Glacier Green exterior, when used as an exterior color it pairs best with an Arctic White interior

Steelhead Outdoors Zion Bronze gun safe color

Zion Bronze

This color offers a luxurious option, its two tone bronze hammer texturing creates a leathery appearance, it is a great interior color choice that pairs well with Glacier Green, Royale Blue or Badlands Brown

Steelhead Outdoors Glacier Green gun safe color

Glacier Green

This color is a deep blueish green, inspired by the waters in Glacier National Park, it offers a fun, bright exterior color, and pairs well with a Zion Bronze or Glacier White interior