The best safe for an apartment, condominium or small space is one that secures valuables, is easy to move and can fit exactly where you want it. The benefits to owning a safe vary from protecting your investments to keeping everything orderly. Additionally, some insurance companies offer a benefit or discount for having a safe. The discount is offered because a gun safe decreases the chances a claim will be filed to replace firearms lost in a burglary. It’s smart to see if discounts are available. Steelhead Outdoors can work with owners to provide proof of purchase – and proof of Steelhead Outdoors being a quality safe.

How to Buy a Safe for an Apartment or Condo

Buying the right safe while renting an apartment or dorm is trickier than buying a safe as a homeowner that may never have to move. There are plenty of small personal safes that are adaptable to apartment living, but many people choose to put off getting a gun safe until living in a larger space.

The reasons why many people don’t have a safe in their apartment or condominium for their long guns and firearms varies from lack of space, to not wanting to move a safe a second time when moving to another residence. Steelhead Outdoors created a modular gun safe that provides a reasonable option for apartment and condo dwellers. The Nomad 26 was designed specifically to fit within most closet dimensions. At 25.5 inches wide by 54 inches tall by 18 inches deep, it even fits under many permanent closet built-ins such as clothes hanger rods. With 52 inches of clear height, it still fits most long guns without a problem.

Steelhead Outdoors Nomad 26 gun safe

Our Nomad 26 is a great balance of portability and storage.

Benefits for a Modular Safe for Apartments or Condos

The benefits of a modular gun safe is truly seen in a condo or apartment building with multiple flights of stairs and no elevator. Each Nomad Series safe arrives in five boxes and can be delivered via freight to an apartment doorstep (if allowed), or it can be picked up locally in Minnesota. Carry those boxes to the spot where the safe will be located and being building the modular gun safe with our easy-to-follow instructions. Steelhead Outdoors provides the tools needed; no special tools are required. When moving, the safe can be disassembled and easily moved it from its current location to the moving van or truck and its new home.

Curious about shipping a safe to your apartment or condo? Ask us for a no-obligation quote here.

Many apartment or condominium dwellers tell us they love a modular gun safe because they have tricky stairs to navigate. Moving a traditional, one-piece, safe is not only cumbersome and heavy, but there is no way to easily navigate corners or 180 degree stairwells present in some apartment buildings. (Pivot!) We have even had customers take the panels up their residential elevator one at a time in the plain cardboard boxes.

How hard are the safes to put together?

What Makes a Good Gun Safe?

A good safe is made from strong, sturdy materials and reliably built to provide security for its contents.

The locking system plays a crucial role in securing and allowing access to a safe’s contents. An easy-to-open lock in a dire scenario can make the difference. Every Steelhead Outdoors safe is available with an EMP Resistant, UL Type 1, S&G Titan direct drive electronic keypad for no compromise access speed and reliability or a UL Group II, Big Red mechanical dial lock for battery-less dependability. Additionally, there is a slip clutch in the handle to protect entire lock mechanism from attacks.

Where Should I Put My Safe?

Steelhead Outdoors recommends placing a safe in an area that will not be seen by others. Note that bedrooms are often the first place that comes to mind for anyone looking for valuables. Try hiding it somewhere unconventional so it’ll be harder to find. Again, one of the benefits of a modular gun safe is that you can place it more easily in an inconspicuous area more readily that a traditional safe.


Our safes premium safes are customizable and built to last. Steelhead Outdoors are a great option for people who are on the move. Life is an adventure – take your safe with you.