Steelhead Outdoors gun safe diagram with labeled pieces


DIY Safe moving saves money, and adds freedom to your life to go where the next adventure takes you. Modular safes are pretty new to the market. New is used as a relative term here, since modular safes have been manufactured and marketed for several years, but traditional single-piece safes have been around since BC. With advancements in manufacturing technology and CNC equipment, more things are possible than ever before. In the instance of modular safes, or “take-apart safes”, the major benefit is that the safe is assembled on location. Instead of bringing a large metal box home, you take home 6 separate panels and other associated components needed to assemble the safe yourself on location. The individual pieces are both much lighter and much smaller than the completed assembly, allowing two people to easily carry each panel into the home one piece at a time. After assembly the finished safe is a large steel box just like a traditional safe. If the joints are designed properly the safe should be as secure as a fully welded traditional safe. The ability to move the panels separately allows you to fit safes into places never possible before. If you’ve ever tried moving a gun safe, you know its no easy task! This is why you see many gun safes in the garage! The garage is an easier theft target than the home, and is at a higher fire risk than the home as well. This is exactly why fire code requires fire barrier between attached garages and homes. Modular safes avoid the expense of hiring a moving company, allow you the flexibility to easily disassemble your safe and take it with you when you move, and allow you the ability to put your safe in locations you never thought possible. The best security you can have is a safe that is in a discrete location. Right inside your garage with your neighbors’ doorbell cameras pointed inside every time you park your car is not exactly discrete.