New Rocky Mountain Rust Patina Now Available

Prior Lake, MN (September 20, 2021) Steelhead Outdoors introduces a new firearm safe finish – Rocky Mountain Rust – featuring the authentic beauty of natural age, patina and rust. This new custom finish joins Steelhead Outdoors’ 5 standard colors and another 144 other options.

Based on consumer demand, Steelhead Outdoors set out to create an authentic rusty finish for their modular gun safes. In order to create a natural oxidation, the raw steel panels are cleaned to remove oils and contaminants, then acid washed to create the same oxidation that naturally occurs from years in the elements. The acid process simply accelerates the process. After the panels are oxidized, they are run through a neutralization process consisting of a multi-stage wash, pretreatment and an application of matte clear powder coating. This creates an authentic rusty finish with an outer layer of protection to slow the formation of any additional oxidation and to create a smooth contact surface on the entire safe. 

Steelhead Outdoors uses unique and durable powder for finishing the safes. Powder coating provides a greater level of durability than paint. These textured finishes are durable and maximize protection, for a safe that will look as good for the next generation as it does now. Each safe can be ordered with a choice of an interior and exterior color. The handle and logo on the safe will match the inferior color, creating a great accent color on the front of the safe that continues into the inside. The color collection was inspired by America’s national parks – Badlands Brown, Artic White, Royale Blue, Yosemite Grey, Zion Bronze and Glacier Green. Contact Steelhead Outdoors to discuss color options, receive color samples and pricing.

“With Steelhead Outdoors’ custom-designed options, we can literally create your dream safe. We developed the rustic finish many people wanted for their custom safes,” explained Steelhead Outdoors Co-Founder Corey Meyer. “Steelhead Outdoors solves the problem of fitting a safe into your lifestyle and home space. Modular safes can also be moved into spaces that a traditional safe cannot.”

Why consider a modular safe? Traditional safes require hiring a specialized safe moving company, which is costly, or enlisting buddies on a dangerous DIY adventure each time the homeowner moves. Modular safes are easily moved and assembled by two people. Steelhead Outdoors also offers custom-built modular safes to fit any space in the home in a multitude of colors.

Steelhead Outdoors offers three sizes of Nomad Series safes which feature many high-end security features expected in a premium gun safe. Prices start at $2,700. The patent-pending construction features a fully dry insulation system, eliminating the need for a dehumidifier. This system utilizes a radiant heat reflecting coating to reject incoming heat from entering the safe. The metal interior provides additional protection and is made from nearly 100 percent nonflammable materials. The panels are filled with ceramic fire insulation that is rated to 2300 degrees and is non-moisture trapping so it does not require the use of a dehumidifier and will not release steam into the safe in the event of a fire.

“Steelhead Outdoors safe interiors were designed to be non-moisture trapping so there’s no more worrying about rust and mold damaging your valuables inside the safe. Other safes require the use of a dehumidifier. You will not need that with Steelhead Outdoors safes,” explained Meyer. “Plus, we designed the metal interior with integrated flush shelving and accessory brackets that offer an infinite amount of customization options for our customers. And we are always available for one-on-one consults for our customers.”

Steelhead Outdoors Nomad Series of premium modular gun safes is designed and constructed to allow for flexibility and mobility without sacrificing safety or durability. Shooters, hunters and gun collectors will appreciate these smart design decisions.

  • Double wall construction with 12-gauge welded, powder coated exterior panels and 20-gauge interior panels, 7-gauge plate door (3/16”)
  • Patent-pending construction featuring dual stage fire protection with 2300-degree insulation and radiation-reflecting panels contains no trapped moisture and eliminates corrosion concerns with traditional gun safe fire insulation
  • Steel panel interior features a bright and protective, textured powder coated finish that is non-flammable, non-marring and provides additional protection over wood or carpet
  • Fully modular interior racking system offers infinite possibilities of shelving and gun rack configurations
  • Standard interior options are single horseshoe gun holder, double horseshoe gun holder and multi-row maximum gun racking.
  • Ships flat and easily assembled in place with two provided hex key wrenches
  • Available with EMP Resistant, UL Type 1 S&G Titan direct drive electronic keypad for no compromise access speed and reliability or UL group II Big Red dial lock for battery-less mechanical dependability
  • Slip clutch in handle to protect entire lock mechanism from attacks
  • Cam-Over-Center direct drive lock mechanism with metal bearings at every moving point
  • Ball bearing, drill resistant hard plate features 82 captured, hardened ball bearings to destroy attacking drill bits
  • Large 1/2-inch locking plates engage 1/2-inch door jamb plates
  • Full length hinge side locking bar provides 100% contact to lock door solidly in place, even with hinges removed
  • Large door recess to prevent pry attacks
  • Custom colors options and configurations available

To learn more about modular gun safes and how it may be the best option, visit SteelheadOutdoors.Com Follow them on, on Facebook.Com/SteelheadOutdoors and watch how-to videos on their YouTube channel.

About Steelhead Outdoors:

Founded in 2016, Steelhead Outdoors is an innovative safe company offering the only American-made, modular, fire-insulated gun safe available currently on the market. Longtime friends, engineers and avid outdoorsmen, Charlie Pehrson and Corey Meyer, searched for a gun safe that was Made in USA, adaptable and offered a respectable level of fire and theft protection, but they soon realized this product didn’t exist. Since they couldn’t buy it, they decided to build it. Steelhead Outdoors was created with the goal of building a safe that customers could, and would want to, take with them from one home to the next, or pass down from one generation to the next. Four years of research and development went into the flagship Nomad Series, to create a durable, lasting and innovative modular gun safe. Headquartered in Prior Lake, Minnesota, where all products are proudly designed, manufactured and shipped. Learn more at


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